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Five finger discount on the bible?

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The bible is the most shoplifted book in the world.

How do you like that for irony? Especially since the 10 commandments mention something about thou shalt not steal

Apparently there are people who are appalled at the idea of paying for the bible, and in an effort to “make things right”, they steal it. Or they just enjoy the thrill of a good kleptomaniac spree. Bibles probably have the ultimate thrill for sticky handed kleptos, simply because it is the “Good Book”.

Extra ironically, it is also the world’s best selling book.

I have a feeling we need to consider that it’s the oldest book.

Also on the list of books most likely to be stolen via thievery is a book called “Steal This Book“, which lacks the same irony because of it’s title but it still make you go hmmm. This book was published in the 70’s and is a hippie inspired guide of how to live for free. One recommendation for getting free meals is to enter a restaurant serving buffet and attempt to blend right in. Generally, it just all sounds like stealing…which is not that ironic, considering the name. I read a few pages though, it’s interesting. But please be aware that times have changed since the 70s…

Now that I’ve talked about bibles and stealing on a Sunday…Have a good one!

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