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Lem had a point. It isn’t Ripping Your Jacket Off With The Stars, but that sounds like a great idea for a new show.

JR Martinez at Disneyland

JR Martinez is a part of the cast! Love him! Image via Wikipedia

I’d like to be considered for that lineup.

Dancing With The Stars made me proud today, because they were extra, extra GAY! Even fashionisto of Queer Eye For the Straight Guy, Carson Kressley was there to confirm that “Gay is the new Black“.

Chaz Bono did not disappoint! I can’t wait for him to get healthier from exercising for the show and lose some weight. I love that ABC has gone the route of embracing ALL people as people. Tolerance and acceptance is very important for the sake of unity in this country. I hope the gay community puts effort into voting, to show their power. I thought it would be weird seeing him dance with a woman, but it all went through very naturally. I liked it. I can live with it. I can’t wait for the sexier dances and the dances that end with stage-kisses. TV has come a long way since the Three’s Company days of avoiding even saying the word gay. And that’s a good thing, it’s about time.

I don’t know how anyone could be against people who seem so nice. Chaz is such a nice guy. There was a group of protestors that wanted to discourage people from watching the show because Chaz is transgender. These protestors are stupid. So the whole show should suffer? Even the people who aren’t trans? How about you just not vote for Chaz? Im tired of stupid protestors. Form a protest against something more productive. Protest wall street.  Protest animal abuse or child abuse. Protest kill shelters. Protest Kim Kardashian‘s music and video. While you are at it, protest her shows and people being famous for being famous.

Brooke Burke is the WORST. HOST. EVER. I swear she asks the dumbest questions. “How challenging was this for you?” “Did you ever imagine, while you were in the army years ago being blown up, that you would later be in a reality show about dancing that hadn’t existed yet?” “Was it easy to learn to dance those hard steps you’ve never done before?” “I see that you are out of breath from dancing, are you out of breath from dancing?” How hard could her job be? Watch the dance and video clip, form a question that is relevant. Simple. Hire me. Or hire a kid. Anyone could do better than she’s doing right now.

Am I the only one tired of seeing the cast of The Hills and Laguna Beach on television. I wish they would just go away. Even though I respect her for doing very well dancing, I don’t even want to mention Kristen Cavalarri. I’m just tired of those girls. They all look alike anyway. Look different. Blonde hair, skinny, shiny tight short clothing, too much money for doing nothing but being born, ugh. *rolling eyes*

J.R. Martinez‘s story is just heartwarming for me. 40% of his body was burned after encountering a land mine while in the army, so his face is handsome in a melty sort of way. After leaving the army, going through 33 surgeries to repair him, he decided to go into acting. He didn’t let his melty face stop him from entering an industry that is sometimes obsessed with adhering to a strict code when deciding what is beautiful. He has been on All My Children for a few years now. I LOVE him. I love his spirit. I love that he was brave enough to risk his life for George W. Bush’s long ass deadly war he never even finished. I love his talents. I love his handsome melty face. I am rooting for him because he makes me feel good all over.

Here is a video clip:

All that being said, I have some suggestions for DWTS:

1. Fire Brooke Burke.

2. Keep annoying reality stars down to a minimum.

3. Consider a DWTS All Stars season. Winners against winners. Or 2nd placers against 2nd placers.

4. Continue to be diverse. Don’t let crazy people discourage you.

5. Don’t do what you did last season and make your show 3 hours long. Unacceptable. Why do you think the microwave was invented? Shows should not be as long as Lord of the Rings.

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