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What if when we die, the light at the end of the tunnel we see is just us being pushed out of another vagina?

Would that be so bad? What would you do differently in your next life, if you could take what you learned with you? What would you hope is imprinted in your soul, whether you remembered or not? Now, I challenge you to think about, of these things, what can you change now?

Every day that we wake up is another chance to do the things that we did not finish yesterday. Don’t wait until next lifetime. Start today. Keep working on it. So that in your next lifetime, perhaps there will be more imprinted on your soul than you thought there would be at the beginning of this post.

Sometimes I wonder how legends like Michelangelo, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, and Michael Jordan became the greatness they are. Perhaps it is because some skill was imprinted on their souls from prior lives. Or perhaps, it is because they did not wait to keep on growing and learning. You too, can be legendary, just don’t stop now. Don’t wait until your next lifetime.



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November 2012


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