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If you name your webseries ‘Out to Lunch’, I am going to look for a cast of gays.

It was my understanding that gays had the word “out” trademarked. I stand corrected.

Out to Lunch, showcases the shenanigans of best friends Jessica and Matilda, usually thanks to the ridiculousness of Matilda. I know people like Matilda. In my country we call them idiots. But you can’t help but like her, because she’s a sexy redhead. Out To Lunch reminds me of a more lady-friendly Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s¬†filled with punch lines you have to be patient for, and sometimes they never quite show up, but you laugh anyways…while smiling. Unlike the chick in the video that laughs without smiling.

There’s nothing like a healthy dose of quick laughs, straight to the point, and under 7 minutes. You can enjoy it all before your ADHD kicks in.

There’s another reason I am partial to sharing this webseries with you. It is brain child of Kathrin Smirke (which an awesome last name for a¬†comedienne), who gets neia-kudos for creating, writing, producing AND starring in her webseries Out To Lunch (she’s the redhead!). I love when females grab hold of the reigns and make stuff happen. And extra neia-kudos for it looking professional and not having it look like she filmed it with a webcam. Don’t act like I’m the only one tired of boot legged looking webseries.

By the way, no one is gay…yet. There’s still time. Check it out.

Out To Lunch

Kathrin’s Website

Out to Lunch – The Pot Brownie from Out To Lunch on Vimeo.

September 2010


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