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Pink says to Boycott Pet Stores

I agree with Pink. A lot of these puppies are born in overcrowded puppy mills and are not cared for well at all. Most of the dogs become aggressive and are unable to be socialized enough to counteract their distrust of humans…which is sad, and usually results in them having to be put to sleep.

3 dogs that I have owned came from pet shops. I know how luring it is when you see those little doggie in the windows, but consider going to the ASPCA or the Animal Care and Control Centers. Believe it or not, they also have tiny toy dogs and puppies if you are looking for that, for a much more reasonable price. Not to mention…they need a home too.

If pet shops cant sell puppies, they won’t purchase them from puppy mills, who wont be able to support their inhumanities. Very simple. I know they need homes too, but the longer they stay, the cheaper the price goes, and if the shop cant earn a profit they won’t bother buying them.

It should probably be a law that only licensed breeders can sell puppies, anyone else should be considered to be selling live animals on the blackmarket. Like selling babies…either adopt at the right place or go to jail for buying it off the streets.

Our country needs to enforce shutting down puppy mills, and put hefty fines and jail time for anyone that participates in puppy mill activities. How animals are respected says a lot about a country.

Spain, how about you end the inhumane bull fights too?

Pink Urges Fans To Boycott Pet Stores – Cambio.

September 2010


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