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You Saw "The Notebook", Right?

Soooo…love has been on my brain. Well, not really love, but the risk of having that love lost. I’ve become obsessive enough to consider anything as a love lost from my favorite manicure tool to people and then back to the peculiar loss of my mini travel camera tripod (which, by the way, was an awesome invention). By now, at least 98% of the American population should have seen the uber-romantique flick, The Notebook. If you haven’t, you are slacking on your civil duty and I would suggest that you step your game up.

However, this blog isn’t about that movie. It’s about this movie:

Don’t clean your glasses. Don’t put down your get-right. Yes, the movie is in Korean…so yeah, maybe clean your glasses and cut back on the get-right, because you will need to read the subtitles. They have a different sense of movie making over there (like the odd fascination with injecting dance scenes with moves you’d only do while intoxicated), but overall, I promise it is a legit watch. You’ll fall in love with love all over again. It’s one of the greatest love stories rarely told.

You can watch it for free, here. All you have to do is register, and that’s free too. I swear. And I love you too.


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