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How To Find Your Passion – by Dumb Little Man

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If you are anything like me, you dabble here and there and everywhere…but do you know where your passion is? I am still discovering this for myself. Sometimes having a goal of having more money in my pocket clouds my judgment and I forget how much I love other things more than money (believe it or not, its possible to do so).

I was reading an article from Oprah’s magazine, and one of the ways they suggest that you search for your passion is to pay attention to the spark you feel when something makes you laugh, or peaks your interest, or jogs your imagination. Remember it and hold tight to it. That is one of your passions.

Anyway, I need my sparks to generate more funds. So far I have not come across any jobs for a barbie enthusiast with a knack for bad singing and the color pink to work from home in their pjs at whatever hours they choose doing nothing but writing on their personal blog….with bonuses, benefits, room for advancement, competitive salary, and paid vacations. Let me know if you come across one.

In the meanwhile, check out this article I found on finding your passion.

How To Find Your Passion – by Dumb Little Man.

Imagine a scenario where you actually loved getting up in the morning. I’m not just talking about those occasional weekends or days off where you actually have no plans (or only plans made and loved by you). I’m talking about every single day. Before you scoff at the ridiculousness of such a concept and flick on further down your reader just stop . Indulge me for a moment.

If I were a genie and could grant you anything you wanted, don’t tell me you wouldn’t be interested in finding a pastime (career, hobby, part-time adventure) that not only paid the bills but actually made you feel – what’s that word? – goodAnd I’m talking gooooooood. Like so darn happy you smile at strangers on the street, walk with a little bounce in your step, constantly update Facebook with perky little notes, and basically just spend every day feeling like a kid does on Christmas.

Sounds annoying, doesn’t it? Unless it’s you of course.

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