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Two male penguins adopt an egg!

This is so frickin interesting!

It has been proven time and time again that homosexual relationships occur in other species, rather than just humans, which makes total sense. Why should we be so egotistical to think we are the only species on this entire planet who are capable of homosexuality?

A same-sex male penguin couple have been blessed with an egg of their very own. After building at least 6 nests and repeated disappointment of not being able to raise a family together, zookeepers at a zoo in Spain made Rayas and Inca‘s dream come true when they gave the couple a chance to adopt an egg. Similar to situations in the human experience, a female penguin was having a hard time caring for her two eggs. So zookeepers thought it would be a win-win to allow Rayas and Inca to adopt one of the eggs. Rayas and Inca can avoid another depressing baby making season, the unhatched egg has a better chance at survival, and the birth mother can be a better parent to her one egg.

Inca incubates the egg by faithfully sitting on it. Rayas protects his family by chasing away anyone whom he feels jeopardizes the safety of loved ones. Sounds like a family to me!

This is how we know what “natural” is…it happens naturally, in nature. Well…this is a zoo, but imagine how often it must be happening outside of zoos and we just don’t see it. And just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Like that tree that falls in the forest and no on is there to hear it…it still makes a sound.

I can not wait to hear the followup on this story. The egg is expected to hatch in June. I want to commend the Spain zookeepers for being so humane in this matter. The rest of the world can definitely learn a lesson from this. (Ahem, America). Penguins are doing it and the world will not end for it. It never has. As far as we know, it never will.

Speaking of birds and eggs, I once owned a pair a of parakeets. Pickles and Tickles. I am not sure what their sex was, but I always assumed one was male and one was female, but who knows…Anyway, I used to find eggs in their cage. Pickles would sit and sit but it would never hatch, and she used to get depressed. She would break the egg open eventually and become very quiet for a while. She was depressed and it used to break my heart. Now I am wondering if, perhaps, Pickles and Tickles were a homosexual female couple.

Read the article for yourself and be fascinated and enlightened by CLICKING HERE.  It mentions another male homosexual penguin couple in China‘s zoo, who used to try taking eggs from other penguin nests until the zookeepers gave them a wedding ceremony and a baby of their own. I think the wedding ceremony was going too far. Who said penguins want a wedding ceremony like humans? Especially, one without an open bar…smh.

June 2023


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