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Would You Fake Gay for The Real L Word?

Honestly, I wouldn’t. There are tons of other things to fake gay for….like Portia de Rossi, to rid yourself of bad relationships with men, and a license to have more than 3 cats. Not for this Mikey chickdude here. As common to American culture, anything that warrants the slightest second glance is stuck on a t-shirt for all the fashionable t-shirts wearers out there. Now, there are tshirts for sale, emblemmed with “I’D GO GAY FOR MIKEY” or “TEAM MIKEY”.

Ugh. Please don’t buy one. Mikey isn’t even that fly. I also hate the whole exploitation of a chicdude lesbian. Simply because a female decides to be a little more masculine, straighties swoon about how they’d “go gay” for a person they never even met. Ugh. Shut the fuck up. If you would go gay, then you already are gay. And you wouldn’t want to lose your right to marry would you? People love throwing GAYNESS around, as if it’s a joke. It’s not a joke. It’s our life.

I hate the Real L Word on ShowtimeĀ and every lesbian on it. Call it hating if you want, since the reasoning behind me hating them is mostly because they are skinny, rich, and at the height of their careers, but I don’t care. It goes deeper than my initial superficiality.

In the REAL WORLD of REAL Ls, there is diversity. When I consider the contents of my group of friends, and the contents of my friends’ groups of friend, there is a sense of diversity. Everyone in the crew is not skinny, or white, or tall…everyone does not work with celebrities and parlay in the hottest LA clubs. I swear, the closest thing to diversity on this show are Whitney’s dreadlocks. And that still qualifies as a fail.

All proceeds from the shirt go to Susan G Komen for a Cure at $20 each, which is great. But I won’t even tell you where to get the tshirt from. If you must you can find it yourself.

Friends don’t let friends dress drunk.

SheWired.com – Would You Go Gay for The Real L Words Mikey for a Cause?

October 2022


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