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Are you addicted to your cellphone?

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X (1982)
In 1973, Motorola released a prototype of the world’s first cellphone. It was more than a foot long and weighed approximately 2 pounds. The cost? $3995. It had 1 hour talk time and stored 30 contact numbers. It was available for purchase in 1983. We’ve come a long way, baby.

Even if you are ashamed to admit so, I will. I am. My phone is the first thing I look for when I wake up. I feel around blindly for my phone before I put on my glasses to even see the screen clearly. My phone is the last thing I think about before I go to sleep. If I am falling asleep at 3 am, I still check to see if I received a late night text I may have missed 10 minutes before when I last checked. Sometimes, I set my phone down for a second while I do something else and forget. When I go to reach for it and realize its not where I thought I left it, I immediately break out into a panic, as if I just lost my oxygen tank. My life flashes before my eyes…well moments I spent with my phone, as I try to mentally backtrack my steps. I start feeling up my own body in hopes that I tucked it into a pocket, or in my personal favorite spot, close to my heart, in my bra.

Apparently, I am not alone. According to an article in the Daily News, 85% of people surveyed by the Time Mobility poll admitted to not being able to go one single day without their cellphone. Also in the poll, 1 in 5 people check their phones every 10 minutes, and 1 in 4 check their cellies every 30 minutes.

I am not even knocking these folks. I must also admit, that I check my phone often. If you aren’t sure if you are as addicted as I am, I have compiled a¬†questionnaire¬†for you.

1. Is your phone the first thing you reach for in the morning?

2. Is your phone the last thing you touch before falling asleep?

3. Do you check your phone for the time, instead of looking at a watch or clock?

4. Do you have an iPhone?

5. Do you have apps that you haven’t even used yet?

6. Do you carry your phone with you when you get up to use the bathroom?

7. Have you ever spent more than $20.00 in one day on accessories for your phone?

8. Have you ever spent more than $20.00 for ONE accessory for your phone?

9. Do you thank God after dropping your phone and realizing that it hasn’t been damaged?

10. Have you ever bumped into something, tripped, stumbled, or fell while walking and looking at your phone at the same time?

11. Have you ever shouted out an inappropriate term after dropping your phone?

12. Do you have regular panic attacks because at least once a day you think you’ve lost your cell?

13. Do you take pictures with your cell phone instead of a camera?

14. Have you named your phone?

15. Do you feel lost or naked if you leave your phone at home by accident?

16. Do you grab your phone to check the time, and end up browsing through it, yet totally forget to actually check the time?

17. Do you know where your phone is right now?

18. Did you just look at it to be sure?

19. Did you just pick it up and browse through it?

20. Did you just say “I love my phone” in your head?

If you answer “yes” to more than 5 of these questions, you are in good company, and clearly addicted to your cell phone. Don’t feel ashamed. I answered yes to all 20. And then some.

So…how addicted are you? How many did you answer “yes” to?

August 2012


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