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Little girls, High heels.

Since when?!  This week, I witnessed a little girl, who was no more than 6, wearing knee high, high heeled boots. She looked like a miniature grown woman, which is scary.

I remember when I was a little girl going shoe shopping with my mother. I would go down the aisle of Payless (yes, I admit it) trying to find the smallest sized high heels I could so I could play in them and dream about the day my mother would actually purchase a pair for me.

Instead of the red pumps, my mother would compromise with shoes that had a heel only tall enough for her to convince me with logic, that technically, it was not a flat. Think Mary Janes…or Shirley Temple. Basically, I was expected to wear the shoes that little girls wear, and the tiny heel was only tall enough to be a pretend tap dancer versus a pretend ballet dancer.

I would hate to break Suri Cruise‘s heart and chastise Katie Holmes, but little girls do not need to wear high heeled shoes.¬†

Do not encourage kids to grow up too fast…because then, they grow to be fast-asses and you’ll be wondering why your teenage daughter has an all around poor attitude and loves sexual attention. It’s because you started the sexiness at six.

I found an article about the history of high heels. They can be traced back to at least 3500 BC in Egypt, where they have been found drawings on murals. They were used for ceremonial purposes and were the popular footwear for butchers…to protect their feet from spilled blood and meat. Sexy, right? (Lovelyish)

High heels are sexy. Little girls are not supposed to be sexy.

I love a good heel a little less than what is expected of the cliche woman because heels are not the most comfortable foot wear. I can understand that sometimes beauty is pain, but kids should just be cute and have comfortable shoes.

What do you think?

April 2012


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