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Nutella wins! Except when it loses.

Tartine et pot de Nutella

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Loses a loved one, that is. 😦  This Monday, CEO  of the Ferrero Group, which is the company that makes Nutella and TicTacs, has reportedly died after falling from his bike while on break from a company meeting in South Africa. He was 47 and it is suspected that he died from a heart attack.

In his honor, we will learn more about Nutella. It is like peanut butter…but not really….which has confused me about it for years.

Nutella is a “tasty unique spread” made from roasted hazelnuts, skim milk, and a hint of cocoa.

Nutella is kosher.

Nutella is gluten free. (Yay! Now Elisabeth Hasslebeck can eat it. Maybe it can make her tongue stick to the roof of her mouth for a few minutes. Le sigh…peace and quiet)

Nutella contains no peanuts, peanut ingredients, nor does it ever come in contact with peanuts during manufacturing. So I guess it’s not related to peanut butter at all…hmmm.

Despite commercials calling Nutella “a part of a balanced breakfast”, 2 tablespoons are equivalent to a whole Hershey’s milk chocolate bar…especially in calories, fat, and sugar. It’s the breakfast of fat champions. Kids “think they are having a treat”, because they actually are.

For their 40th anniversary, on May 29, 2005, Nutella celebrated by serving the world’s largest breakfast to 27,854 people at an arena in Germany and staking claim in the Guinness Book of World Records for it. I guess it was the breakfast of 27,854 fat champions that day.

The amount of Nutella made in one day is equivalent to 3 times the weight of the Statue of Liberty.

Nutella was created by pastry maker Pietro Ferrero (Grandfather of the deceased), in 1942. During World War 2, cocoa was in short supply because of rationing. So, Granddaddy Pietro tried using hazelnuts instead to extend the cocoa supply. Hazelnuts were plentiful in Piedmont, Italy where the company was founded. Mama mia! A star was born.

Nepotism reigns! Michele Ferrero, son of Grandpa P and father of the passed-away P, is the richest man in Italy and 31st richest man in the world (Forbes 2011). The family fortune is worth $18 billion. That’s worth marrying for money.

Nutella arrived in the U.S. in 1983.

World Nutella day is February 5th. Oh come on…even Nutella has a day?

Older ads had to be discontinued for saying that Nutella was healthy and nutritious. Newer ads leave that out because it’s a bold faced lie.

To me, Nutella tastes like a chocolatey-hint-of-nutty-sweet spread and it reminds me of eating the chocolate dip in Dunkaroos. See a Nutella commercial below. The song in it never fails to get stuck in my head immediately. First though, a special “moment of reading” for Pietro.

Hes dreamy. Wait no, its just the accent. Just kidding...hes pretty dreamy.

RIP Pietro…47 is too young to die, especially of suspected heart attacks. Pietro held a degree in biology from Turin University. He began working for the company in 1985. He is survived by his wife, 3 kids (youngest born in 2006), his 86 year old father Michele, and his brother Giovanni. As a random fact bonus: “Pietro” is the Italian equivalent for the name “Peter”, and much more sexier sounding.

That was nice. Press play. Then, enjoy these Nutella refreshments (Nutella recipes) on the way out.

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