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Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Update!


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Remember I said I was planting a Cat Grass chia a few weeks back? Well here are the results! I’ve had these pictures since only 3 days after planting. I procrastinated, mother nature didn’t. Pics at the bottom, first learn something new:

Putting chia seeds on a clay figurine is not patented. Other companies are allowed to use the method and sell the products. The name CHIA PET, is patented by Joseph Perdott, who is also responsible for The Clapper.

The jingle was inspired during a brainstorm, when someone playfully (or maybe not so playfully) stuttered the word Chia. Ch-ch-ch-chia! This cat is not amused.

Just when you wonder who is interested in Chias still, 500 thousands are sold every Christmas season. 2 were sold to my grandmother as a gift to me. 99% of Chia Pets are sold in December.

Apple has a free Chia Pet desktop widget. Gotta love Apple for even cornering the Chia Pet lover’s market.

Chia seeds originated in North America and were part of the staple diet for many tribes and civilizations. It was even used to make medicine for a range of illnesses, from fevers to gunshot wounds. Its use has been traced back as far as the Aztecs.

If you were to add a teaspoon of chia pets to water and come back in 30 mins or so, the water would be gone…It absorbs all of the water and creates a gel consistency. Now, think of eating chia seeds and having the gel be created in your stomach:

A chia seed can absorb more than twelve times its own weight in water. When eaten, the gel that forms in the stomach creates a physical barrier between carbohydrates and the digestive enzymes. This prolongs the time it takes our bodies to break down the carbs into sugar, which helps stabilize our metabolism.

Sounds like it could be used a natural weight loss method to me! Don’t go crazy though, I’m no doctor and I like meat on my bones.

Here are the pics from my Cat Grass experience:

April 2011


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