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NYC’s Largest Events for 2011

Halloween 2009 Foxy Brown

I am glad to say that I have attended a few. Number 2…Number 24…actually that’s it. I love the Gay Expo, but I totally missed it this year by accident. Im feeling that the Gay Expo is #24. Power to the people. I love Halloween so I’ve made it out to the parade a few times. Love it. I even dress up. I religiously watch the Macy’s Day Parade every Thanksgiving but never BEEN. I am going to make it my mission to make sure I experience most of these events. Especially #6 and #12 because I love food.

What’s a shame is that I bet most tourists have done more of these events than the average born/raised New Yorker!

NYC’s Largest Events for 2011

1. Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade-3,500,000

2. New York’s 39th Annual Village Halloween Parade-2,000,000

3. NY Int’l Auto Show-1,000,000

4. Times Square New Year’s Eve-1,000,000

5. Tribeca Film Festival-410,000

6. Big Apple Barbecue Block Party-125,000

7. Fleet Week-120,000

8. NY Comic Con-96,000

9. INC NYC Marathon Expo-92,977

10. NY Progressive Int’l Motorcycle Show-69,104

11. Greater NY Dental Meeting-58,135

12. Summer fancy Food Show-24,000

24. Original GLBT Expo-21,000

25. Susan G. Komen NYC Race for the Cure-21,000

26. Nat’l Retail Federation’s Annual Convention & Expo

27. NY Times Travel Show-18,286

28. HBA Global Expo & Conference-16,479

29. Adventure in Travel Expo-15,000

30. Int’l Vision Expo & Conference-14,359


2 thoughts on “NYC’s Largest Events for 2011

  1. Foxy Brown. . .NICE! Wow all of those events. I wish I could go. I don’t have many funds for traveling these day. . .Hopefully soon.

    Posted by Victoria | March 19, 2011, 12:21 pm

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