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The Most Anticipated Movies of Q4 : My Hollywood Source – Movie Reviews, Previews, News, Trailers, and Rumors

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Im a nerd and all, but what the hell does Q4 mean?

Thanks to Twitter friends like @no1moviereviews, I feel like a L05Er for not knowing what Q4 means…but I am also feeling totally stoked because I can’t wait for most of the movies on this list. I thought I would post it to hype you up too. I swoon for autumn and winter movies….and Tina Fey. Is it just me or is she kinda hot? Really? It’s just me?

Did I tell you that I don’t really watch horror though? I have nightmares like every single night of my life (vivid ones where i can touch, smell and see blood and body parts as clearly as if it were happening in real life), so I avoid encouraging my nighttime imaginations with images of gore and guts. Classic horror felt more psychological…modern is too visually disturbing. Wouldn’t want to see it in real life, probably don’t want to see it on a giant movie screen…that’s my tagline.

Courtesy of Paul from My Hollywood Source, here’s a rundown that I didn’t have to write myself (score!):

The Most Anticipated Movies Of Q4

#9 | The Fighter (December 10th)

The trailer just recently popped onto the internet and a lot of buzz came with it. The trailer was a bit cliche in terms of the boxing, but the relationship with his brother is something big that they can show. With Whalberg in top shape and ready to shake off The Happening and Christian Bale doing his extreme conditioning, it could be a real winner.

#8 | Megamind (November 5th)

Dreamworks has turned into an animation powerhouse (minus the Shrek series) with nearly all of their new movies being almost up to par with Pixar. Megamind looks no different with an very amusing story that spoofs Superman a bit. It has the voice talents of Will Ferrell Brad Pitt, Tina Fey, and Jonah Hill. For all of them to sign up for the film proves that the film had to be hilarious.

#7 | Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 (November 19th)

Its nearly the end to the big series and each film in the series has gotten better. The seventh takes a drastic change in tone switching from the safe setting of Hogwarts to the real world where death is lurking everywhere. The trailers have sown they stayed close to the source material and the seventh book was the one of the best in the series, so naturally I expect big things.

#6 | Conviction (December 1st)

This looks like a by the books heart warmer with a predictable path, but that still doesn’t mean it can’t be good. Sam Rockwell looks completely in character, ready to wash away the stink he laid in Iron Man 2. The same with Hilary Swank and Amelia.

#5 | Let Me In (October 1st)

The Swedish original was great. Did it need a remake? No, but if an American remake is what it takes to get people to finally see the film, then so be it. This looks like it takes the original source to heart and doesn’t look like a high downgrade in the slightest.

#4 | Tron: Legacy (December 17th)

Tron was long forgotten by many, but it was a fun film that was way ahead of it’s time. Why they decided to wait 20 years for a sequel is evident in the trailer. The technology now is so impressive they can practically do anything now such as de-age Jeff Bridges 30 years and have it look real. I’m sure this movie was made one drunken night between two guys, but the final product looks like a top notch.

#3 | Due Date (November 5th)

Sure we have all seen this movie before. It starred Steve Martin and John Candy. But that doesn’t mean this can’t be comedic gold. You put together the director of The Hangover and Old School with one of the most likable actors in Downey and one of Hollywood’s hottest funnyman Galifinakis and its hard to go wrong with whatever you have. I expect to be laughing my ass off all movie long.

#2 | Monsters (October 29th)

What is so intriguing about Monsters is the fact that they have done a great job in hiding the monsters from the audience so they actually come as a surprise when you finally sit down and watch it. Previous films like District 9 and Cloverfield have opened up a door to a previously dormant genre and I expect Monsters to expand on that. The small budget is great because he makes them less reliant on CGI Monsters going bananas and more on a great story with them as the background.

#1 | The Social Network (September 24th)

Who knew the story of the founding of Facebook could look so damn good. Initially I passed the movie off when it was first announced, but David Fincher has put together what looks like one of the best of the year. The Trailers have shown a conflict of morals, loneliness, betrayal, and greed. Reviews have started to pop up and are saying it defines our generation.

The Most Anticipated Movies of Q4 : My Hollywood Source – Movie Reviews, Previews, News, Trailers, and Rumors.

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