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‘Australia’s Next Top Model’ Names Wrong Winner on Live Air (VIDEO)

Australia's Next Top Model, Cycle 5

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I love when classy people get all trashy. It’s salacious!

Host of Non-America’s Next Top Model, Sarah Murdoch (daughter of media mogul Rupert Murdoch, whom I blame for my personal economic crisis on some days since I cant seemed to get hired at any one of his networks) announced the wrong person as winner on the live finale of the show. I know, I just cringed too. It was painful for everyone in that room. My heart goes out to the winner who really lost. I have a feeling this qualifies as an “Ultimate Embarrassment”.

Though I do believe that the Murdoch family is a conniving bunch (its no coincidence that their name sounds like it’s French for “murder“), I doubt their geniousness to formulate such a risque publicity stunt. Not to mention that Sarah got her job via nepotism, not professionalism.

Terrible accident or malicious intentions? I wish this plot would thicken…

‘Australia’s Next Top Model’ Names Wrong Winner on Live Air (VIDEO).



2 thoughts on “‘Australia’s Next Top Model’ Names Wrong Winner on Live Air (VIDEO)

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