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Of course Venus’s tennis outfit was sparkly.

All drag queens love sparkly outfits.  Ya’ll are lucky that glitter didn’t bounce off her racket everytime she hit the ball. Or grunted.

I will never pass up a chance to see venuses being exposed in a waldrobe malfunction, but I will admit that I understand the distraction. Glitter has a tendency to do that when its plastered all over a tennis outfit. I still can’t help but think it’s kind of awesome of Venus Williams. She is such an interesting tennis pro, I love it. She should be gay. Ive always thought it would be reasonable to be gay.

I do realize that she was totally out of line, tho. Tennis is her job. There is a dress code. Lawyers can’t show up in the courtroom in a pink sequined suit. Well, they can…but it would be weird. And someone might even call it inappropriate.

If I was the loser I’d complain aloud that the bursts of lights distracted my eye from focusing properly on the ball, while internally admitting to myself that I found it appealing and attractive. But, I’m a sore loser like that….and very attracted to glitterati stuff.


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