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Are you still in denial about Queen Latifah being gay? (Photo)

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I know there’s no such thing as “looking gay”, but you know how sometimes people really do “look gay”…or at least they look like what the stereotype for gay is? Well, I’ve thought that Queen Latifah looked gay since U.N.I.T.Y. and I felt a kin to her, probably because I subconciously knew what I didnt conciously know yet. We had something in common. There was something very “AG” about her from the very beginning (AG= Agressive, as in the more “tomboyish” type of lesbian). She had unmistakeable swagger, something that AGs are infamous for. She championed for the rights of women, lectured men for disrespecting women, and not appreciating our beauty. She has never had a relationship with a man as long as we’ve known her. She played the part of Cleo in the movie Set It Off too well, and in every movie where she has a male love interest…she doesn’t play the part well enough. Know what I mean? Okay, even if you don’t, sometimes gay recognizes gay, and I had a really good feeling that QL was gay. All I needed was confirmation. Now I have it. QL and her very friendly friend, trainer Jeanette Jenkins spent some vacation time on a yacht with Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats.

I respect QL for not having a “coming out” press conference and cover story, but I do wish that she would live her life less secretly. Im not asking for her to flaunt her sexual orientation, but just be who you are, without trying so hard to hide who you are. Im not saying she should go out of her way to be gay, but how about not going out of your way to be not gay? The LGBTQ community really need some faces that represent who they are too. Not that it’s her job, but she’s in a great position to do it. QL would be perfect for that, she’s successful and talented, all without exploiting her sexuality. Not to sound a little racist but she’s black too, which feels like a bonus to me. It’s hard enough finding an openly gay role-model-ly person in the entertainment industry, let alone finding someone that could represent minorities at the same time.

Back to speaking of the lovely homewrecking Alicia Keys, I’ve always suspected her to be a little gayish as well. This baby and husband means nothing, stranger things have happened. She looks/acts the ways of a stereotypical FemG (FemG=A more feminine sort of non-feminine lesbian, think Bette Porter in Showtime L Word series). Until I have a little more solid reason to think so, I will add it to the Wishful Thinking list. She’d be a nice addition to the LGBTQ family. The straighties can keep Lindsay Lohan.


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