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Celeb Sighting: Tracy Morgan

Pants on the ground? Pants on the ground?

I ran into Tracy Morgan at the Dallas BBQs restaurant in the Bronx a few days ago! I mentioned this via Twitter as soon as it happened, but here is a little more detail. (BTW I love BBQs for the chilli and the Texas sized Peach Margarita, yum!) I can’t tell what excited me more, my giant drink or seeing Tracy. Okay, seeing Tracy I guess, since I can always find a giant drink. Initially, I was kind of curious as to what he was doing all the way up in the semi-hood, then I remembered that he is a round-the-way guy, having been born in the Bronx, and raised in the Bx and Brooklyn. From what I hear, he is sighted often in the Bronx. Figures.

I have nothing bad to say about him. I like him. He’s funny. And I like him even more now, because to top it all off, he seemed very humble and genuinely nice to the fans that walked up and wanted a picture, or to just meet him. He didn’t act super-celebby at all. No queening out, drawing attention to himself, no flashy cars and clothes. No buying out the bar and acting like he got it like that. He didn’t tell fans to back off or give them a dirty look. Even if you just said hi, he was the first to reach out his hand to shake yours. He snapped a picture with a graduate that was celebrating his graduation, congratulated him thoroughly, and told him to keep doing big things. I didn’t bother him for a picture but I did sneak one for you guys, before everyone noticed it was him so that I wouldnt have a bunch of strangers in my pic. Me and my 3 dates of the evening passed by and waved/said hi, and he made sure to shake everyone one of our hands, so I got a little stardust on me if you want any. No, I don’t know what he ate or drink, though I usually do check out what other patrons are noshing on. Tracy was meeting up with and chatting with another guy. And this random chick that wouldn’t leave him alone for almost 15-20 mins. He didn’t seem phased. I think she thought it was payday.

No word on the location of her pants.


June 2010


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