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Dessert on the Cipriani’s!

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In case you didn’t notice, I LOVE food. I especially love dessert. I even more so appreciate free food. The Saturday before Father’s Day, I had it all! For a Father’s day celebration, my mother, sister, cousin, uncle, and aunt united for dinner at Carmine’s (one of my fave restaurants ever!) While in the men’s room, my dad ran into a few co-owners of the Cipriani restaurants while cleaning prime rib sauce off of his shirt. After a few laughs  and jokes (of which my Dad is great at), they made friends (another thing my Dad is fabulous at) and the guys insisted that we order dessert. So we did. Much to our surprise, we didn’t order enough so the Cipriani dudes came back and practically ordered us to order a dessert each! With desserts at an average price of $20, he wanted to see some real money on his tab for us. We ended up with the most delicious tiramisu I had ever had, 2 strawberry shortcakes, a fresh fruit platter, and canolis. You know this was very close to heaven for me.

Old fave: Fruit Platter  New fave: Tiramisu

Also, if you ever stop by Carmine’s for grubbing, make sure to order the Fried Calamari. It’s so tender and scrumptious, and has a marinara dipping sauce that you will dream of many nights afterwards.



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