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(Photo): Neia Neia, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

So a few days ago, in my last podcast, I mentioned that I decided to grow a garden…on my fire escape…because I own no land in NYC and I still wanted to plant. It is on my “To Do” list to plant a herb, veggie, and flower garden of my own. And now it is on my “Tah Dah!” list. My family, especially my grandmother, have shown me a little something about gardening in the past so I am not totally blind to this. I’m just blind to doing it via fire escape. But, I’ve seen other people do it, with decent results. Some of my neighbors plant flowers and they look really nice, so I thought I would give it a go. I have started off really easy (thanks to a little old man and lady that pointed me in some better directions in The Christmas Tree shop as I stocked up). And I did some research on the internet and chatted with a few fellow gardeners to make sure I give these little saplings their best shot this spring.

I planted Black Eyed Susans in the first pot, and Sweet Basil and Curled Parsley in the smaller two pots. I want to plant some more, maybe two more pots of flowers, or veggies that can grow in a medium-sized pot without me having to worry about squirrels or birds (both of which frighten me when they are in the wild). So let me know if you have any advice to offer. Wish me luck! Here are a few pics that I promised to post. 🙂

My supplies. Don't you love my little pink water can?! Thx 2 my sis, for the hand-me-down dirt!

Nala is a good watch-cat.


March 2010


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