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Valentine’s Day is almost here! Need gift ideas?

A majority of my Valentine’s Days have sucked. Besides the tokens of affection from my family (which is so touching that I always end up crying), I never really achieve the romance and romantic plans that Valentine’s Day encourages. Except maybe once.

But while browsing Go Magazine website I came across their Valentine’s Day gift guide. Normally, I am not into what magazines suggest because they are cliche and don’t seem worth the cash you have to dish out. However, Go has some pretty good suggestions this year. Some expensive but probably worth it. Others, not so costly, and kinda cool.

My sister bought me the glamorous diamond handcuffs for my birthday last year. I love seeing something I own in a magazine!

And as a thank you gift for checking out my blog, I would like to give you a gift. I am going to share one of the reasons why Valentine’s Day is not my favorite holiday at all.

I actually didn’t mind Valentine’s Day when I was much younger. My family always made sure to celebrate our love for each other with a special dinner or small thoughtful gifts. You know how in elementary school there is that rule, or at least it’s how it should be: If you bring for one, bring for all. Well, when I moved to a new area, and entered a new school, the rules were totally different. They had these things called Candy Grams…it was like a tv show Vday idea actually, you know…someone could purchase a candy gram for someone else, and send it anonymously or non-anonymously. Everyone would get all of these candy grams from their friends and secret admirers, and I would end up with maybe 2. One from someone who got for their whole class, and 1 from a teacher who gave to all of his/her students and signed it from “your secret admirer”, yet you would recognize the handwriting because this is the same person who grades your school work and all of your classmates received the same exact candy gram. And some years I would get 1, or none. At the end of the day, everyone would be tallying up their candy grams and I would be racing to the school bus so that I could hurry home to wallow in my depression in private. My family would ask me what’s wrong and I would sing the same sad song as the year before. My greatest solace was that at the end of the day when I would realize, again, that my family was the only Vday-anything that I really needed. They are always there for me, love me 24/7/365, and can always make me feel better after a rough day.

That being said, Happy Valentine’s Day!


February 2010


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