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The City Bakery Hot Chocolate Festival 2/1-2/28

Will you marry me?

  • When:Mon 2/1 – Sun 2/28 (10AM)
  • Where: The City Bakery
  • Address: 3 W 18th St. New York, NY

So, apparently, every year for the last 17 years, there has been a Hot Chocolate Festival happening, and I have been missing out. So I am warning everyone who would marry hot chocolate if it were legalized, that it is still going on now.

Going.com explained it perfectly, and I have never been, so I will just quote them directly:

Every day, City Bakery serves over 500 cups of  real hot chocolate (aka one not produced from cocoa), more than any restaurant or in the U.S. Watch them work their magic at this annual festival, which has been going strong since 1992 and features a new flavor daily throughout February. Past faves include flavors like banana peel, chili pepper, mango, vanilla bean, malted and “darkest dark.” There’s even something called a “Sunken Treasure”: dark hot chocolate with a chunk of gold-dusted chocolate truffle and edible caramel coins waiting for you at the bottom of the mug. Feel free to pair up your beverage with some cookies, including oatmeal raisin and vegan chocolate chip.

The featured flavors of this month are: lemon, chili pepper, Chinese cinnamon, espresso, ginger, banana peel, caramel, vanilla bean, earl grey tea, Moulin Rouge, tropical, bourbon, milk chocolate, love potion, Vietnamese cinnamon, hi ho pistachio, darkest dark chocolate, creamy stout, happy, sunken treasure, Arabian nights, ode to the polar bear, beer + brown sugar, Shangri-la, and the festival finale flavor which is still to be determined.

Yum! See you there?

Hot Chocolate Festival Special Schedule



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