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Tila Tequila’s Pregnant. All I Want To Know Is: WTF?

RadarOnline’s “exclusive” Tila interview

(I put “exclusive” in quotations, because as we know, nothing is exclusive with Tila. She shares her stories everywhere, since she is a self indulgent attention whore.)

Okay, so if you hadnt heard, Tila Tequila has been talking about having a baby with the late Casey Johnson (heiress to the Johnson & Johnson company) for about as many months as the two had been dating. Because she is a proven attention whore, most people were not sure what to believe. Well in typical Tila fashion, she has shared with the world, her first trimester sonogram to prove it. I am just going to go ahead and remind people at this point that some things are supposed to be private and personal, and should not be posted all over the internet. A baby in your womb is one of them. Shame on you, Tila.

I am also going to go ahead and say WTF. I love babies, and I love people who are ready to have babies, but I don’t think the world (nor Tila) is ready for a Tequila spawn. I don’t know, I just have a gut feeling, considering that she had just started dating this chick (rip), spontaneously came out of the closet as les after proclaiming bi-ism, and just got out of a ridiculously promiscuous find-love reality show on mtv, and because she is a loopy floozy. Who am I to judge? Me. Thanks.

Lastly, I am going to go ahead and say CONGRATULATIONS to Tila, because that’s what you do when you find out someone is pregnant, even if you can’t resist having a slight screw face on while you do it, and because babies are blessings either way. Aside from that, I just want to tell Tila…close your legs please, some things should be private.

Did I mention that she is an opportunistic attention whore?

Here is the sonogram, which she intentionally shared with RadarOnline to prove it. (RadarOnline, of all places, such low standards, at least hold out for People…though they probably couldn’t be bothered). This was such a Heidi/Spencer move. Uh, uh, girl. To the left, to the left.

Awww, a little Tila Bean!

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