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Dear ABC: Are you equal oppurtunity?

Dear ABC,
My beloved of which holds a variety of my favorite shows, Grey's, Oprah, DH, etc…are you for equal oppurtunity on television?
I was just wondering since I have never seen a bachelor or bachelorette of any ethnicity besides caucasian. You mean to tell me that there are no Asian eligible bachelors? No black bachelorettes out there? And how come the winners of these shows are never a person of other cultural backgrounds, and the contestants that are will be booted off by the 3rd show?
I am also wondering how come there is no cultural diversity in Desperate Housewives? What kind of place is this where the only person of any other race was a black family that was housing a psycho special ed murderer in the basement for a few weeks?
What about the Soap Operas? Where are the non caucasion rich families?
And how come all of your gay characters are super flamboyant and rarely step out of the box of a super fabulous gay man. You mean to tell me that every gay person has to "look gay" and "act gay", and be male? I will only applaud All My Children for half assng its way through a lesbian storyline even though it moved faster than a RayJ of Love whore…ahem…i mean contestant.
Also, Barbara Walters is really old. Her Most Fascinating People special is boring. She asks the worst questions and has an odd speech impediment that makes me feel like I'm talking to my great great grandmother. That has nothing to do with the rest of this letter but I felt the need to add that. And also demand that you put me on The View as a co-host, because I love her.

Love Always,


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