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I love Glee! Spoiler Alert if you haven’t watched yet!

I would like to say I am grateful for the following few reasons. Number one, Emma is rocking the same style of hat I have been rocking since this past spring with confidence that I was hot even though my sister keeps calling it a kitchen net. Hi hater. Secondly I am glad that Mr. Hot Teacher had finally discovered that his wife was not pregnant. I didn't want to believe that he was such an idiot that he wouldn't be suspicious of having never touched her belly in months even though his own flesh and blood was in there. I'd like to think that beauty comes with brains in this case.
I am also glad that Finn knows it's not his baby that his girlfriend is carrying…but his hot sexy best friend's. That's a dirty trick to play on a guy. A real dirty trick. Emphasis on real dirty trick.
I am also grateful for that kiss. Finally. Finally.

But mostlly glad about the hat thing. And the kiss. In that respective order.

Can't wait till the next season. Its going to be amazing.

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