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Sammy Sosa "Rejuvenates" His Skin

Sammy Sosa blames a rejuvenation process on his reason for his obviously lightened skin complexion. What kind of rejuvenation lightens someone up 8 shades? What type of toxins were laying beneath his skin? And how does that explain the green contacts?
Or are they blue? Since when did the rejuvenation process involve removing pigment from out of you?

Though I hope he’s telling the truth, and turns back to his original gorgeous shade, I am on the look out for evidence of the disease of which ailed the late/great Michael Jackson, Lil Kim, and that lady that surgically turned her face into a cat’s face.
People with this disease have delusions that they are doing certain expensive procedures to cure themselves of ailments that only they believe they have, such as an obstructed nostril canal, or droopy cheeks, and bronzed skin. They think that arming themselves with a skinnier nose, higher cheekbones, and lighter skin is making them healthier, all of which provokes a false sense of happiness, that may end of being treated with various medications.
The last stages of this disease include a fondness for medication of any kind, popping pills like it’s just pez, talking like a child, odd fashion sense, and the desire to wear any colored contact besides brown.

The only cure is for people to not accept and allow this nonsense.
I will not accept this from Sammy Sosa.

But so far, it is just a rejuvenation process, right?


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