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Dear Neia: Miss California

Dear Neia,

I seen your 12second video and was wondering why you felt that way. Everyone is entitled to their opinions on gay marriage. Obama said the same thing.


Dear Wondering,

I think she should lose her crown. She clearly got caught breaking the rules with semi-nude pictures. That is a violation of the Miss’s rules. Lying should not be respected, and she lied by saying that it was before she 18, when investigations showed she was only like 2 years ago. However, Trump is always jaded when it comes to the “young, blonde, and blue”. And yes, it’s a new era. But, this new era do not need to show teens that it is okay to take semi-nude pictures without reaping the consequences of it. It is what it is. She posed provocatively and got caught lying. Her crown should be taken for those reasons. That is not the type of role model we need. Its sad that her dirty laundry was aired, but oh well. Deal with it.

The reason for her crown being taken has nothing to do with her beliefs. Authoress Evelyn B. Hall said “I disapprove of what you say, but I’ll defend to death your right to say it. ” Do I agree with her? Of course not, I don’t think that any citizen of America should be denied freedoms that other citizens of America have. As long as their decision isn’t directly harmful.

Regardless, I would be remiss if I didn’t question why we are keeping a crown on someone who clearly defends discrimination. She has the right to her beliefs, but that doesn’t mean we should place a crown on her head for it. The KKK has beliefs too. I don’t think we owe them a Miss Anything crown, despite how pretty they may be. People like to say that tolerance should beget tolerance, but discrimination is not something that should be tolerated on any level.

Yes, it is a new era. And sexism, racism, and homophobia discrimination should not be applauded. I am so tired of this nation supporting what is clearly fucked up. Stop the damn oppression already, it’s old.

Love Always,


P.S.: Are you still wondering, honey?

May 2009


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