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Girlcode Party

So…. I went to a Girlcode party at a club that was oddly named Sapony. What the hell is a sapony? Anyway, I had one drink (a $7 Chardonnay and $11 Long Island Iced Tea, in my drink mathematics that equals 1 drink) which made me more than tipsy enough to dance my ass off and take a nap in the car until my girls were ready to leave. The predicted snow came down and my honey was a hater against my singing talents as I karaoked with the radio in the car. Downer to my uppers.
Girlcode and Sapony is decent enough to make the unexpected quick trip to Astoria to experience it. The crowd filled the dancefloor. Network nirvana ensued as my my gf promoted herself and forgot about me.The DJ saved my life with his selections… even though he never played my jam, despite his musician assistant saying he would and he had it. Damn you Deli for lying (even though your hair was fierce so you get a pass). Actually I stepped out right after requesting it but I’m sure that I would’ve identified if Salt N Pepa’s “Push it” played while standing right outside the doors. It didn’t. I take points off for non-request giving djs. Security guard (and owner or something to that nature), Tim/Tom (Im bad with names) was very nice. I’d go back for his sake. Girlcode promoter/friend/sec-guard “Jazzo” seems to mean well. Regardless of not making more effort to get me in for free. I guess she doesn’t “know who I am” (just kidding. kinda.). All in all, I had a fun night. Girlcode @ Sapony gets 2.8 stars out of 5. Good enough. My night gets the same. Not good enuf. It could’ve been better if I had a plate of food from my homie’s house to go. It was delicious and I wish I was eating it now. Merry Sunday!

March 2009


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