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I Always Get What I Want

I know that there are some people out there that find me obnoxious because I seem to always get what I want. Well I have news for them, I don’t. And I am not very happy about that. Well, sometimes I do…but not all the time, which is a problem that I am working on. In the meanwhile, I would like to tell you my secret to getting most of what I want. I am doing this because I am not a hater, and I like to see other people get what they want too (unless I don’t like you very much, then I’d rather not). It has a success rate of about 95%, especially if you keep yourself open minded to various interpretations.

Drumroll please….

The secret is….

Want it.

I know, I know…if you had paid me for this secret formula, and that’s all I had to say, you would want your money back. But I wouldn’t give it back because there would have been no refunds. So in that scenario, it would definitely fail. However, for other things you want in life…ask for it. The first step, which is always the most important step of all since it lays the foundation for all that follows it, is to want it. I also find that people forget to assess what they did ask for and what has been given to them, whether it happened as they expected or not. Sometimes, you ask for something, and you get it, but it’s not quite the way you expected to get it. You can’t really complain, because you still got it, no?

I was running down my own mental wish list, noticing some of the things that I’ve been able to check off recently….girlfriend-check, puppy-check, effective relationship-check, name in movie credits-check, time to relax (my broken ankle was more than enough time)-check…and I decided that I need to add some stuff down. I thought it would a better bonding experience for us if I jotted some of that down in my blog.

I want…

To start working a fabulous job that pays just as fabulously well. I want it to utilize my creative senses and give me credit for it.

To lose the new love handles.

To live downtown in Manhattan in one of those building that I walk past and feel a little angry that I don’t.

To be rich. With money. Not the non-monetary fluff that can’t buy me a walk in closet full of Manolos. (Don’t knock me for dreaming big, that’s where it all starts sometimes, from a “silly” dream)

To be rich. With the other more politically correct things to say…like love, happiness, family…blah blah blah…gotta add that in for good measure

To be on Oprah, for something positive, not one of those tragic “Worst Mistake Of My Life” episodes.

To get a pedicure. Im tired of doing my own toes.

To find a new beautician. I love my usual hair stylist but it’s time to spread my wings.

To go on vacation. I want to visit more than a few places…Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Tokyo, San Francisco, Vegas, Los Angeles to name a few.

To road trip…maybe cross country. Not sure I’d make it though. I hate long car rides. I get car sick and claustrophobic.

I want to hit up a non-local Pride this year too

To cut back on all intoxicants. Yes, that too.

To lose a pound or 10.

To learn to cook something new.

To swim with dolphins again.

To meet a couple for me and the honey to hang out with. Preferably of one AG and one fem, and for them to be trustworthy…not backstabbers that I have to cut for hitting on my girlfriend.

I think that covers it for now.

That’s all I can think of…to share…right now. So, what’s on your current wish list?

February 2009


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