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Are We Friends? Or Myspace Friends?

So I was adding one of my personally favorite entertainers, Chelsea Handler, to my friends and I suddenly noticed the always there subtle disclaimer that Tom issues us after we click ADD:

A friend request has been sent to this user. If your request is accepted, you will be friends on MySpace.

Go to User Profile

Do you see that? If your request is accepted, you will be friends ON MYSPACE. Tom and the TomTeam is reminding you that just because you are friends on myspace, you are not to confuse it with being friends in real life. Which is disheartening because I wanted to feel like Beyonce, Monica, Mariah Carey, Christina Milian, Tila Tequila, Chelsea and all my other celeb buddies were my real life friends. I wanted to post comments to them in hopes that it is actually them ignoring me. I wanted to tell people I feel like I have a connection with them to emphasize how much I like them. I wanted to feel a sense of e-ccomplishment when I am the first and top comment to thier most recently posted self-indulgent blogs. I wanted to kiss the ass of attention whores without being sneakingly reminded that adding a myspace friend means that you are only friends on myspace and not in real actual life.

Okay, so the sarcasm probably makes it clear that I was already fully aware of this and that I am just teasing, but you want to know something (as I am sure you all know, and if you don’t then you should)…there are some people who really DO need reminding of this. And that could be scary.

Aren’t you glad that’s not you? I am.
Hi friends!
Special shoutout to Conchita for helping fan the flame beneath my blogging tush recently which is so much better than an episode of Chelsea Lately…and Chelsea Handler, who is a friend in my head, which is good enough for me. But not really.

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