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E! Binge

Today, I binged on the E! Channel. Now I feel sick.

Homegirl to Hugh Hefner’s Girls Next Door, Anastasia, had a pretty damn awesome 21st birthday. I’m jealous and wish I could just go back in time and be her at that moment for my 21st birthday. Lucky bitch.

I also watched “World’s Most Expensive”.
A Burger. For $125. People are buying burgers for $125. In a country where there are people living paycheck to paycheck, homeless, hungry, and needing to do shameless things for money so that they can have $125 in their bank account…there are people ordering a 125 dollar burger. *sigh* The most effed up part of it all is that I bet it’s worth every penny, and sure wouldn’t mind having the chance to prove it.

Did you know that there is a thousand dollar lobster omelette at Norma’s in NYC. They sold a dozen in 5 years. To who? Cus I think I want to be their friend. Though it’s drowned in caviar, which I am not a big fan of anyway…and don’t really get people that are. It’s a gross texture and not very delicious to get over the idea of bursting fish eggs in my mouth, let alone eat as much of it as they got on this omelette. I wonder if the eggs were landed by a golden egg laying chicken.

I would love the opportunity to worry about my $125 dollar burger being cooked just the way I like it and not the average stuff…like bills. Like the rest of us who are not financially jaded (yet).

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