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Dumb Bitches and Sons of Bitches

Soooo, I was chatting it up with a group of friends and 1of4 told 2of4 that her dog was not smart. 2of4 defended her dog and asked her to not to go there nicely (and rightly so if you ask me), while 1of4 continued to defend her offense like a true asshole.

Dead ass. Steady with the straight face. “Your dog is not that smart”. Backing up the insensitive conversation with such verbal bogosity such as “whahhh? its just my opinion”, “that’s just how I feel”, and “it’s just a dog”.

Well it’s not just a dog. It’s her dog. And quite honestly, her dog is smarter than most people I know, and I feel like I have enough experience with dogs and people to bear witness to that. Dogs are pseudo-children to some people and therefore I say they are to be respected as such. Even if you really feel like a person’s dog, or child for that matter, is in fact dumb…it’s not something you should say. Especially if that’s how you really feel.

I think that I am a person who is usually honest, but I am aware that more than it just being a time and place for honesty, there is also a way for honesty. That was not the time, place, nor way for honesty. If I could be so free with my opinion on the low levels of intelligence that their spawns, animals, and ownselves portray, there would be a lot of hurt feelings walking around calling me a bitch (Hi Paris Hiltion.)

And normally, I would expect people to know better. But apparently they don’t. Ironically enough, neither 2of4 nor her dog stooped to challenging 1of4 and her pets. So, who is actually acting dumb? Think about it.

I guess I may have a few people walking around with hurt feelings, calling me a bitch anyways. Oh well, if the shoe fits….
How do you like my pun-ny subject title?

February 2009


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