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Barack VS Hillary: Round 34bw06711ap

Check out this quick video consisting of banter between Barack and Hillary. Probably in efforts to be a refuge candidate for all potential midwest small town voters that Barack may have alienated, Hillary starts to tell a story about how when she was a little girl, her father taught her how to shoot. In her own words…she was a “little girl”.

What I don’t understand, is why did she think that a gun story would do this? Does she think all small towners are gun toters and thus would appeal to that?

And Um…Should little girls and little boys be taught how to shoot guns? Should this be legal?

I think the Hillary’s gun-kin stories were a lame attempt, but there are some feeble minded people who will use the little tale as a sole reason for choosing our next president, and considering that at the end of the day this is still a competition, I will not fault Hillary for exploiting that.
However, I definitely don’t think that “little girls” nor little boys should be taught how to shoot, regardless if it is just for sport. A gun is not something to put in a child’s hand and say “go ahead honey, shoot bullets at something”.
So perhaps while she may have gained the support of the small town gun toters, she has pretty much lost a little of me. I have since been on the fence of the Hillary/Barack battle, feeling content with the success of both of them so far and the thought of either one of them being the democratic candidate for presidency. But bow dare she sell out for some refugee votes by pretending that it is okay for little children to learn to shoot guns? I am so disappointedly in Hillary. Excuse me while I put down my sign for Hill for a while, and raise Barack’s a little higher.

April 2008


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